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You Deserve An Oscar, Golden Calf Or Degenerate Award Then Put Billions In Research, When...

Jesus and Paul Versus The Super Apostles
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge While House Is Burning
'Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory', To The Tune, 'Glory'
'The Manger Zone', To The Tune 'Danger Zone'
You Can See Clearly Now The Planks Are Gone
Isaiah 53 Explained: Mitch Glaser
'Sin Differently', To The Tune, 'Faithfully' By Journey
Nobody Loves Me Better But, ....Sing Along If Like Joel Osteen And Company
A Crown Of Gold, To The Tune Fields Of Gold
Jewish Counter Missionary Compares Messiah To Rooster
Breaking Then 'Loving The Broken' By Andy Cannon: Body Part Ministry To Silly Women (2 Tim. 3)
Table Of Contents:
The Devil Likes Hank Hannegraff
Word's Up By Rapper Cynthia, To The Tune 'Word Up'
Super Bowl
The WORD Conference
Jesus Christ Is Coming In Clouds: My Experiences At Christmas
Rocky Mountain Lie (Al Capone Ain't Such A Bad Guy)
MaxwellsHouse.Org Top Karaoke Parodies- Part Two
Jewish Wannabe: My Favorite Things
Sweet Lord Of Mine: Make A Joyful Noise With Bj
Little Billy Sings: It's A Bunch Of Bull To Me
The Outlaw: Sing Along With Little Billy
Burning Down Their House: Sing Along With Jumpin Jack Jr.
What A Wonderful God: Under His Rainbow...Sing Along With Little Cindy
Fiddling With 'Fiddler On The Roof.'
Expose Them With God's Light, And Talk To The Aminals
Jewish Counter Missionary: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things
Does eating MEAT make one fat?
BoldFingers Meets 'Super-Apostle': Sing Along
Pastorized To The Tune, 'Too Shy'
God's Healthcare Together: Death Panels Already Exist
Before Judaism It Was Better: Sing Along
It's More Blessed To Give And Receive!
"If A Picture Paints A Thousand Words..."
Dad Knew That, 'This Is Family:' Sing Along
If The Plain Sense/P'shat Makes Sense, Don't Mince/Panache
You Might Be An Illegal Immigrant Or His/Her Enabler If :
Just Like Those Egyptians: The Ex. Files
Drier Ground Or Ye Are Gods?
There Ought To Be NO Mormons After
Special Ed: Sing With Little Billy
Plain Sense Indicator: Mormonism
Maxwell's House Spiritual Virus Checker
Preterists/Gnostics And 'The Man Down Under': Sing Along
The Apostasy: What Is It?
Maxwell's House: Goods For Your Desktop
Take Your Kids To Branson And Save Them From Hell
Isaiah 53: Explained By Mitch Glaser...My Critique
The Branson Experiment
I Am The Virus: Sing Along
Why Do It God's Way?, To The Tune 'I Did It My Way'
What's The Matter In Your Eye, You Cookie Cutting, Half Truth Wielding Wonder?
The Name: Sing Along....One Faith For All
Your 'Jesus' Is Simply Way Too Small (2 Cor. 11)
My 12 Hates Of Christ-Miss, To The Tune Of 12 Days Of Christmas
The Great Offending Gold Plaited Turds, Meet The Great Conformers In The Anals Of History
As Cain Slew His Brother To The Lord Yeshu, Columbo Suspects The Highly (H)Acidic Jews
He Will Stomp You From We Will Rock You
The Age Of Hilarious: Sing Along
That's Agape: Sing Along
You Aint Seen Someone Yet: Sing With Porky
We Didn't Pick The Choir, But Revived The Muslim Fire
You Deserve An Oscar, Golden Calf Or Degenerate Award Then Put Billions In Research, When...
Fruitcake Stew Number Two, For Hopeless Liberals And Fruitcakes Like George And The View:
Differences Between The Body Of Christ And Israel
Should We Major On The Minors, And Minor On The Majors?
What Happens When Christians Strain At Gnats, Swallow Camels, Embrace Shadows, Major On The Minors?
One: The Paradigm For All Things
Gave Our Breath Away/The Trinity And The Trichotomy Of Man In Song
Where Are You Located On This Chart?
The Answer Lies In, How This Story Begins: Avoiding The Fiddler On The Roof
My, My How The Whole Truth Divides!!
Nifty Ways They Replace Scripture: Sing Along
I Took The High Way: Sing Along
Bible Difficulties
I Wish They All Could Be Roman Catholic Girls: Sing Along With Papa Bj
Paper Lions, Doggy Doorways To The Tune, 'Paper Roses'
Prophecy And Mystery
The Spiritually Challenged Coming Full Circle
Very Superficial And He's Got Teddy Haggard's Smile
Professional Christian To The Tune American Woman
Had I Come Back Before, Sing Along
Ghost Writers In The Sky: Sing Along
'I Make It Rhyme' To The Tune 'I Walk The Line'
Total Recall Of You All: I.E. The Religious And Jewish Wannabes
Pretribber: Sing Along
The Divine Authorship Of The Old And New Testament
You're A Jewish Counter Missionary Or Enabler If You:
'Rightly Divided' Chart
Arguments Against The Trinity Trounced
Your Own Poison-All Jesus
Come As We Are Ministries
Publicans And DUMacrats Ask: What's This Hole In My Head?
Cynthia's Corner
Here's Some Great News My Friend
Undercover Christian
If Three Just Don't Agree, Then The Two Will Surely Do
Know When You're Done
The Eight Day Week And Keeping The Holi-Days Holy
The Departure: What Is It?
Group Think Or Whosoever Will Part 3
Jewish Wannabe:These Are A Few Of MY Favorite Things
Melchisedek Medley: Sing Along
How Many Times Is Christ Coming?
BOC Chart 2
B.O.C. 3
Children Of A Lesser Fraud: Should We Vote For The Lesser Of Two Evils?
The Replacement Killers
Are You Odd Because You're God's?
A Boy Named YESHU: Sing Along With J.C. (Not Jimmy Carter)
Jesus On Main Street/City Lights Coffeehouse
Maxwells House Photos
Circles Of Life
The Andy Man Can With Frank N Clown's Lurch And Its Unleashed Body Parts
Found Me My Baby Giver; Start Your Own Church
Under One Roof: Start a House Church
Let Her Be: Sing Along
HollowWood's HollowLujah's Shows They Never Knew Yah
Maxwell's House: Goods For Your Desktop
'All' Men Means Just Some Men If Of Calvin: Sing Along
My Pardon Party: Will You Come?
Tebow Knows/ Focus on the Family Or On God?
We'll Love You, If Like Us You Are: Sing Along
This Old CoffeeHouse
Behind All Those Doors At Miles Apart Ministries
Live And Let Christ: About Us
In Those Three Days, Christ Saved Me From The Fire
I Am Jesus, And I Right The Wrongs: Sing Along
Christians 'Roasting On An Open Fire': Sing With Little Billy
Simply Can't Change Your Chromosomes That Way
There Should Have Been A Warning, After: Sing Along
Twelve Angry Men (Jurors) And The Roar Of The Lion
Violence Of The Hams And The Preachers Of Another Jesus (2 Corinthians 11)
Really Hot As, Hell-Ooooooooo!!
Little Angel Cindy Knows, Do You Know?


Lyrics On Photo By Cynthia Maxwell
Billions In Research When Prevention's Free

Here's A Quote From The Other Bj Maxwell:

"The church must not confuse what is part of the imago Dei and what is part of the imago hominis. Ethnicity and gender are part of the imago Dei. Aberrant sexual preferences (be they homosexual or heterosexual) are part of the imago hominis. GAY CANNOT BE THE NEW BLACK any more than being a smoker can be the new tall or being a Cardinals fan can be the new masculinity. One doesn’t require the other because, to borrow Aristotelian terms, one is an accidental property (aberrant sexual choices) unrelated to the essence/substance of a person (gender or ethnicity). So while a person may be environmentally influenced toward homosexuality (like I was to Cardinalism) he/she is not inherently predisposed to it. This despite the gallant and unsuccessful scientific efforts to identify a “gay gene.”

Billions In Research When Preventions Free

Formerly 'Money For Nothing' By Dire Straits.

New Lyrics: Bj Maxwell

Thankyou Lord For This Gift

Feel Free To Post Unaltered Anywhere.

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New Lyrics In Black

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Hold Down The Shift Key, Click Here, Then Minimize To Sing New Lyrics With Music.


Billions In Research When Preventions Free


'Look At Them Dodo's That's How To Undo It'


They Pull The Twine,Then Do Drugs By Three.

'That Ain't Working,'That's How To Undo It.

Homosexualizing, Get Their AIDS For Free

Now That Ain't Working That's How Bozos Do It.

Their Double Whammy Weinie Roasts Aren't Any  Fun

They Get A.,I.,D.,S., Roasted, Front Side And Buns...

Then Fully Roasted Later By God The Son


AIDS Picture

We Getto Rewrite Reprobate Lyrics

Then Sing These Corrective Karaoke's

We Getto Live The Way That Christ Lived

We Getto Love God's Family

See The Homosexual 'With The Earring And The Makeup'

Sings So Purdy From His Own Wheel Chair

That Homo Got His Own AIDS Building

That Homosexual's Given Millions There.

We Getto Rewrite Reprobate Lyrics

We Get To Sing Corrective Karaoke's

We Getto Live The Way That Paul Lived

We Getto Have Eternity

They Shoulda Learned Bout Connecting Hardware.

(Ro. 1)

They Shoulda Learned Anatomy

Look At Their Mama, She Thinks They Made It

She's So Proud Of Her Son

'And He's Up There What's That?' Unnatural Noises?

Bangin Like Sulu, Not The Right Hardware.


That Ain't Workin, That's How To Undo It.

Just Put Your Trust In Jesus, Get Salvation Free


We Getto Rewrite Reprobate Lyrics

We Get To Sing Krazy Kary Okey Dokeys

We Getto Point To The Right Way

We Getto Love God's Family

Look At Them Dodo's That's How You Undo It'

Rock Hudson

Hudson, Liberace, And Fred Mercury

That Ain't Workin, That's The Way They Do It.

Then Billions In Research When Preventions Free.

Billions In Research When Preventions Free.

"Received In Themselves The Due Penalty."

Hopin In Jesus, Get Eternity



Billions In Research When Preventions Free.

(Romans 1:25-27)

I Want My (3x) E.K.G.


End Of Lyrics


New Lyrics By Bj Maxwell




"They EXCHANGED THE TRUTH OF GOD FOR A LIE, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator--who is forever praised. Amen. 26 Because of this, GOD GAVE THEM OVER to shameful lusts. Even their women EXCHANGED NATURAL RELATIONS for unnatural ones.

27 In the same way the men also ABANDONED NATURAL RELATIONS with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and RECEIVED IN THEMSELVES THE DUE PENALTY FOR THEIR PERVERSION." (Romans 1)

"Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but RATHER EXPOSE THEM. 12 For it is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret. 13 But everything exposed by the light becomes visible, 14 for it is light that makes everything visible. This is why it is said: "Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you." (Ephesians 5:11)


You Deserve A Nobel, Oscar, Emmy, Golden Calf Or Degenerate Award If:


Actor: Pretender, Hypocrite


1) Despite Acting In, Producing And/Or Directing Some Family Shows And Programs About Wholesome Family Values, Your Own Family Life Would Make A Good Natural Disaster Movie.


2) The World's Voracious Appetite For Entertainment Allows You To Be The Apostle Paul And C.S. Lewis And Then Hannibal The Cannibal. (Silence Of The Lambs-Christians)


3) You Lament The War As A Blunderous Mistake But Convincingly Pretend To Support The Soldiers Of That War.


4) You Can Speak With Authority On What And Who Is Best To Lead Our Country While Making People Forget That You Cannot Run Your Own Life. (Blind Leading the Blind)


5) You Can Make People Forget That Your Own Monkey Stories About Life Coming From Non Life While Going Eternally Backwards To An Alien For Every Effect, Sounds Much Sillier Than Believing That A Design Needs The Ultimate Designer And A Higher Power Can Make Something 'Good' In Six Days.


6) You Pretend To Know How We Should Talk To Foreign Leaders But Don't Know How To Talk To Your Own Spouse Or Ex Spouses. (Romans 2:1ff)


7) You Pretend To Know What You're Talking About With  Political And Insulting Jabs, But It's Really A Desperate Act To Revive Your Pathetic Acting Career.


8) Your Ability To Play Such Diverse Roles, Comes From Having No Original Thoughts Upstairs. (Blank Tablet)


9) You Become A Multi Millionaire By Making Movies About Gun Toting Action Heroes Who Deal With Evil Villains, But Your Real World View Doesn't Allow You To Possess Guns Or Have An Absolute View Of What Is Good And What Is Evil.


10) You Pretend To Know How Political And Moral, Real World Decisions Should Be Made While Critiquing Others From Your Ivory Tower, But Have No Experience Doing So Yourself. (Obama, Obama, Obama)


11) You Put Out Oscar Winning Performances But 'You Can't Handle The Truth.'


12) You Play A Gay Person On Humpback Mountain But You Are Anything But Gay (Happy), In Your Real Life.


13) You're Such A Good Actor That You Have Even Fooled Yourself Into Believing That The Disparity Between Your Acting Career And Personal Life Just Shows Your Versatility.


14) You Play God In The Movies But Cannot Say Anything But 'Oh God!' When You Actually Meet Him.


15) You Are So Hollywood Minded That You Are No Heavenly Or Earthly Good.


16) You Think Playing A President In Your Fantasy World Qualifies You To Be President Or Critique Him.


17) Your Moral Relativity Allows You To Live A Double Life In Good Conscience.


18) You Pretend To Be A Bible Student Because You Have Seen 'The Ten Commandments' And The 'Last Temptation Of Christ'.


19) You Have Hired A Servant To Remind You Each Morning Who You Are For That Day.


20) Your 'Inconvenient Truth' Is Really An 'Inconsistent Truth.'


21) You Fake It Until You Make It Because You Thought It Was Scriptural.


22) Playing A 'Terminator' In The Movies Has Led To  Terminating All Intelligent Thought.


23) You Play An Angel On Television But People Don't Know That It Is A Fallen Angel.


24) You Accepted The Role In 'Touched By An Angel' Because You Mistakenly Thought It Was 'Touched By An Angle.'


25) You Became A Permanent Staffer At Fantasy Island Because Your Real Life Sucks.


26) Just Like The Chiluns Of Israel, You Give A Good Act When Moses/Heston Is Around, But When He's Out Of The Limelight You Present A Golden Calf To Those That Play The Most Heinous And Anti God Roles, In The Most Convincing Fashion.


Indiana Jones And The Golden Idol


27) You Play A Hero In Your Movies A Villain In Your Real World.


28) You Thought Bipolar Mania Was A Part Of The Job Description.


29) People Worship And Follow You Because You Have A P.H.D. In B.S.


30) You Got Your Own Show Or Awards Not Because Of Your Acting Or Showmanship But Because The Immoral Minority Wanted To Show Their Support For Your Degeneres Behaviour.


31) You Have Gone From Ostrasizing Those That Turned Communists In, To Supporting Those That Turn Conservatives And Christians In.


32) You're Such A Good Actor That You Even Believe The B.S. You're Promoting.

33) You Have No Preconditions And It Plays Out Like A Rotten B Movie. (Part One)

(Part Two)

You Pretend To Be For Life, But It Is Really For Those That Can Vote Liberal Or Watch Your Next R Rated Movie.

Part Deux:

"The ultimate irony is that many of these celebrities have made a shambles of their own lives, with drug abuse, alcoholism, numerous marriages and divorces, scrapes with the law, publicized temper tantrums, etc. How dare they pretend to know what is best for an entire nation!

What is even more bizarre is how many people in this country will listen and accept their views, simply because they liked them in a certain movie, or have fond memories of an old television sitcom! "


Bj Maxwell