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We'll Love You, If Like Us You Are: Sing Along

Jesus and Paul Versus The Super Apostles
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge While House Is Burning
'Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory', To The Tune, 'Glory'
'The Manger Zone', To The Tune 'Danger Zone'
You Can See Clearly Now The Planks Are Gone
Isaiah 53 Explained: Mitch Glaser
'Sin Differently', To The Tune, 'Faithfully' By Journey
Nobody Loves Me Better But, ....Sing Along If Like Joel Osteen And Company
A Crown Of Gold, To The Tune Fields Of Gold
Jewish Counter Missionary Compares Messiah To Rooster
Breaking Then 'Loving The Broken' By Andy Cannon: Body Part Ministry To Silly Women (2 Tim. 3)
Table Of Contents:
The Devil Likes Hank Hannegraff
Word's Up By Rapper Cynthia, To The Tune 'Word Up'
Super Bowl
The WORD Conference
Jesus Christ Is Coming In Clouds: My Experiences At Christmas
Rocky Mountain Lie (Al Capone Ain't Such A Bad Guy)
MaxwellsHouse.Org Top Karaoke Parodies- Part Two
Jewish Wannabe: My Favorite Things
Sweet Lord Of Mine: Make A Joyful Noise With Bj
Little Billy Sings: It's A Bunch Of Bull To Me
The Outlaw: Sing Along With Little Billy
Burning Down Their House: Sing Along With Jumpin Jack Jr.
What A Wonderful God: Under His Rainbow...Sing Along With Little Cindy
Fiddling With 'Fiddler On The Roof.'
Expose Them With God's Light, And Talk To The Aminals
Jewish Counter Missionary: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things
Does eating MEAT make one fat?
BoldFingers Meets 'Super-Apostle': Sing Along
Pastorized To The Tune, 'Too Shy'
God's Healthcare Together: Death Panels Already Exist
Before Judaism It Was Better: Sing Along
It's More Blessed To Give And Receive!
"If A Picture Paints A Thousand Words..."
Dad Knew That, 'This Is Family:' Sing Along
If The Plain Sense/P'shat Makes Sense, Don't Mince/Panache
You Might Be An Illegal Immigrant Or His/Her Enabler If :
Just Like Those Egyptians: The Ex. Files
Drier Ground Or Ye Are Gods?
There Ought To Be NO Mormons After
Special Ed: Sing With Little Billy
Plain Sense Indicator: Mormonism
Maxwell's House Spiritual Virus Checker
Preterists/Gnostics And 'The Man Down Under': Sing Along
The Apostasy: What Is It?
Maxwell's House: Goods For Your Desktop
Take Your Kids To Branson And Save Them From Hell
Isaiah 53: Explained By Mitch Glaser...My Critique
The Branson Experiment
I Am The Virus: Sing Along
Why Do It God's Way?, To The Tune 'I Did It My Way'
What's The Matter In Your Eye, You Cookie Cutting, Half Truth Wielding Wonder?
The Name: Sing Along....One Faith For All
Your 'Jesus' Is Simply Way Too Small (2 Cor. 11)
My 12 Hates Of Christ-Miss, To The Tune Of 12 Days Of Christmas
The Great Offending Gold Plaited Turds, Meet The Great Conformers In The Anals Of History
As Cain Slew His Brother To The Lord Yeshu, Columbo Suspects The Highly (H)Acidic Jews
He Will Stomp You From We Will Rock You
The Age Of Hilarious: Sing Along
That's Agape: Sing Along
You Aint Seen Someone Yet: Sing With Porky
We Didn't Pick The Choir, But Revived The Muslim Fire
You Deserve An Oscar, Golden Calf Or Degenerate Award Then Put Billions In Research, When...
Fruitcake Stew Number Two, For Hopeless Liberals And Fruitcakes Like George And The View:
Differences Between The Body Of Christ And Israel
Should We Major On The Minors, And Minor On The Majors?
What Happens When Christians Strain At Gnats, Swallow Camels, Embrace Shadows, Major On The Minors?
One: The Paradigm For All Things
Gave Our Breath Away/The Trinity And The Trichotomy Of Man In Song
Where Are You Located On This Chart?
The Answer Lies In, How This Story Begins: Avoiding The Fiddler On The Roof
My, My How The Whole Truth Divides!!
Nifty Ways They Replace Scripture: Sing Along
I Took The High Way: Sing Along
Bible Difficulties
I Wish They All Could Be Roman Catholic Girls: Sing Along With Papa Bj
Paper Lions, Doggy Doorways To The Tune, 'Paper Roses'
Prophecy And Mystery
The Spiritually Challenged Coming Full Circle
Very Superficial And He's Got Teddy Haggard's Smile
Professional Christian To The Tune American Woman
Had I Come Back Before, Sing Along
Ghost Writers In The Sky: Sing Along
'I Make It Rhyme' To The Tune 'I Walk The Line'
Total Recall Of You All: I.E. The Religious And Jewish Wannabes
Pretribber: Sing Along
The Divine Authorship Of The Old And New Testament
You're A Jewish Counter Missionary Or Enabler If You:
'Rightly Divided' Chart
Arguments Against The Trinity Trounced
Your Own Poison-All Jesus
Come As We Are Ministries
Publicans And DUMacrats Ask: What's This Hole In My Head?
Cynthia's Corner
Here's Some Great News My Friend
Undercover Christian
If Three Just Don't Agree, Then The Two Will Surely Do
Know When You're Done
The Eight Day Week And Keeping The Holi-Days Holy
The Departure: What Is It?
Group Think Or Whosoever Will Part 3
Jewish Wannabe:These Are A Few Of MY Favorite Things
Melchisedek Medley: Sing Along
How Many Times Is Christ Coming?
BOC Chart 2
B.O.C. 3
Children Of A Lesser Fraud: Should We Vote For The Lesser Of Two Evils?
The Replacement Killers
Are You Odd Because You're God's?
A Boy Named YESHU: Sing Along With J.C. (Not Jimmy Carter)
Jesus On Main Street/City Lights Coffeehouse
Maxwells House Photos
Circles Of Life
The Andy Man Can With Frank N Clown's Lurch And Its Unleashed Body Parts
Found Me My Baby Giver; Start Your Own Church
Under One Roof: Start a House Church
Let Her Be: Sing Along
HollowWood's HollowLujah's Shows They Never Knew Yah
Maxwell's House: Goods For Your Desktop
'All' Men Means Just Some Men If Of Calvin: Sing Along
My Pardon Party: Will You Come?
Tebow Knows/ Focus on the Family Or On God?
We'll Love You, If Like Us You Are: Sing Along
This Old CoffeeHouse
Behind All Those Doors At Miles Apart Ministries
Live And Let Christ: About Us
In Those Three Days, Christ Saved Me From The Fire
I Am Jesus, And I Right The Wrongs: Sing Along
Christians 'Roasting On An Open Fire': Sing With Little Billy
Simply Can't Change Your Chromosomes That Way
There Should Have Been A Warning, After: Sing Along
Twelve Angry Men (Jurors) And The Roar Of The Lion
Violence Of The Hams And The Preachers Of Another Jesus (2 Corinthians 11)
Really Hot As, Hell-Ooooooooo!!
Little Angel Cindy Knows, Do You Know?


We'll Love You, If Like Us You Are
Formerly 'Just The Way You Are' By Billy Joel
(Modern Ministry Resembles How The First Hebrew Believers Related To Gentiles And Greek Speaking Jews, Before Universal Sinfulness Was Demonstrated. (Acts 6,7,9,15; Acts 13:46ff; Romans 1-3)

Love To The Father, Son And Holy Spirit For Inspiring Me And Giving Me Purpose.

Love To My Wife Cynthia For Her Love And Support And Believing In Me.

"The 1961 Report of the Register of Copyrights on the General Revision of the U.S. Copyright Law cites examples of activities that courts have regarded as FAIR USE: "quotation of excerpts in a review or CRITICISM FOR PURPOSES OF ILLUSTRATION OR COMMENT; quotation of short passages in a scholarly or technical work, for illustration or clarification of the author’s observations; USE IN A PARODY OF SOME OF THE CONTENT OF THE WORK PARODIED..."

New And Improved Lyrics By Bj Maxwell

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Melody And Old Lyrics By B.J. Billy Joel

' '

New Lyrics In Black

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We'll Love You, If Like Us You Are

Story From Acts Six And Seven And Fifteen

(Come As We Are Ministries)

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New Lyrics:

'Don't Go Changin',To Be Just Like Me.
(1 Cor. 12:15-20)
You're Greek To Me, So Sit On Floor.
(James 2:1-4; Matt. 10:5,6; Mark 7:27-30; Gal. 2:8,9)
I Do 'Imagine', You're' Quite 'Familiar'
With Segregation, There's The Door!
 We Will  Not See You, 'In Times Of Trouble.'
You're Not Our Target Group By 'Far'.
(Miles Apart Ministries)
We're Not Just Jews, We Speak True Hebrew.
We'll Love Jews, If Like Us They 'Are'
(Acts 6:1-7)
(John 19:19,20)
'Don't Go Tryin', Hebrew Fashions
'Don't Change The Color Of Your' Beard
(Jewish Wannabe)
 There Are Strong Brothers, And One Was Stephen
(Acts 6:5,8; 7;54-59)
He Said Things Hebrews Wouldn't Hear. 
(Acts 7:54-59;Romans 16:25,26; Col. 1:26,27; 2 Peter 3:15,16)
We Don't Know, Paul's, Deeper Truths
(2 Peter 3:15,16)
Don't Really Want To Think 'That Hard'.
He's A Good Brother,  That Has Great News
(Acts 10:9-22; 15:11-20)
He'll Love You 'Just The Way You Are.'
(Acts 6:5,8;Acts 13:46; Romans 11:13; Philippians 1:1; Galatians 2:8,9)
We 'Need To Know You Will Always Be.'
Out Of Mind And Out Of View.
(James 2:1-11)
Paul And Steve Even Judged Pharisees.
(Acts 7:50-59; 1 Thessalonians 2:14-20)
We Choose To Blend With Those Hebrews.
We 'Said We Love You, And That's Forever.'
'And This' We 'Promise From' Afar.
Through Paul The Love Does Get Even Wider.
 Most Love You, If Like Them 'You Are'.
Still Not Into Waiting Tables.
(Miles Apart Ministries)
Our Tunnel Visions, Miles Apart.
(Miles Apart Ministries)
Now They're God's Few, You Can Talk To.
They'll Love You Just The Way You Are.
(Just As I Am)
To Sing With Sean Hold Down The Shift Key, Click Here, Minimize, Then With Sing The New Lyrics Above.
 New Lyrics By Bj Maxwell



















This is a modern strategy of many churches to more efficiently reach out to the diversity of hurting people groups in the world. While this approach might prove to be more efficient, overall it is proving to be more divisive than helpful. Many of my experiences with churches that used this approach were that a kind of Cliquishness, Group Think and Fortress Mentality were present. The result being that while they might have helped some, they also alienated and harmed others that did not fit their narrow, specialized and cliquish standards. In my book it says, "How can we still hang onto our segregated and specialized fortress philosophies in light of who Christ is and what He did on the cross? It is ironic that Jesus Christ died on the cross to break down the barriers between Jew and Gentile and the subgroups. Then the modern church creates all kinds of programs, philosophies and strategies that divide and segregate these groups again." (One Nation Under God, Individual).
This is also expounded on in my book 'One Nation Under God, Individual.' A local pastor/author wrote a book quite a while back about unleashing Christians and churches into different ministries. His explanation of this strategy was quite exciting to me until I read a particular chapter in his book. This chapter spoke of a house ministry that I was living in at the time. When I read this I could tell that this pastor/author must have been taking the word of the man/his nephew that actually ran the ministry. When preaching one Sunday this pastor/author gave the location of the house ministry that was completely inaccurate. When he asked the alleged leader of this ministry to come up front and describe this ministry to the congregation, it was also clear that even this leader did not really know or want to know what was going on in his own outreach. He spoke of a particular woman as his best example, we will call her Mary. A friend and I that actually ministered at this house looked at each other in unbelief while he shared how this woman had changed so dramatically.

The pastor/author has truly been a great inspiration to me over the years. However, there was a MAJOR and MISSING link to his unleashing philosophy that MUST be addressed. It is the issue of accountability and communication and the interrelation of ministries. We are NOT Just talking about accountability to God and to the Leaders but the accountability of these leaders as well. How can these leaders expect anything but confusion and rebellion if they do not teach accountability and communication through example. The reason this pastor/author and the leader/loose cannon (his nephew) of this particular ministry did not want to talk too much about accountability is probably that they would then have to lead by example. The leader of this house ministry would come back from his coffeehouse/mission with whatever woman chose to help him for that night and would minister ALONE with some of these unstable women from the house until the wee hours of the morning. This prodigal coffeehouse in the eighties was often run very loosely and in fact was chaotic. This leader would also bring girls into the back and 'minister' to them there. This showed me that accountability was not in his so called strategy and avoiding the appearance of evil was not too important to him either. Most of the marriages of the folks living in the house mentioned above ended in divorce. This house rather than being a center of a new beginning/Genesis was an end and should have been called Revelation Center.

The pastor/author he was allegedly accountable to was anything but Frank with his congregation until he was exposed several years later for having an adulterous affair with a woman for eight years and was defrocked with his picture and sad story in a local Christian Newspaper. This also in my opinion demonstrates an inherent weakness in segregated and specialized parachurch ministry. If a leader is not able or willing to actively and consistently encourage and insist on cross communication, interrelation and accountability from those he sends out into all these separate ministries, and is not willing to lead by example he can expect more confusion and alienation than he can fruit.

"For of this sort are those who creep into households and make captives of gullible women loaded down with sins, led away by various lusts, always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." (2 Timothy 3ff)

This Leader/loose Cannon decided to specialize and make this house, a ministry for only women in the end. The house ended in disaster, with women beating each other up.

Some of these women felt that this leader wasn't giving them as much attention as the others.

Then there are many Christians simply have missed the point concerning ministry.

Other Side Ministries

In the story about the Good Samaritan, the Priest and Levite pass by on the OTHER SIDE when they see a man beaten and laying by the road. Who knows where they were headed. They could have been going to their particular target ministry or it could have been after ministry hours.

The Specialist:

This approach can be even worse than the Priest and Levite approach. In the priest and Levite approach they pass by on the other side. In the Specialized approach the Christian runs roughshod over the wounded and hurting man on the way to his officially specialized ministry at church across town. This is missing the tree for the forest across town.

Churches that consider themselves an Open Door Fellowship or Open Door Ministry need to have an open door to all not just particular kinds of people and not just on Sunday.

We have the ministry of reconciliation to God and others not specialization resulting in segregation of people into different people groups. (2 Corinthians 5:18ff)

Jesus' Approach:

Jesus ministered in everday and ordinary places. He did not turn off his light while on the way to his official ministry at the synagogue across town.

He went to where they were, whoever they were.

The group think present then was toward the Jew, when Christ and the twelve determined to go to the Jew not the Gentile, but demonstrated that all, including the Jew, are in need of a saviour as well. (Matthew 10:5ff; Galatians 2:8,9; Romans 1:16ff-3:23/24-3:29)

"...Jesus ministered in ordinary everyday places and didn't build or even suggest the necessity to build special centers or headquarters...The setting for the development of true discipleship as we see it worked out in the New Testament is not in large numbers. The making of a disciple is a costly personal process feasible only in small groupings where the right kind of attention can be given" (Cells For Life, pg. 18,19 Trudinger)

                 Mile High Ministries or Miles Apart Ministries?  

Participating in Target Group Ministries creates a tunnel vision that cannot see the needs of those we cross paths with in our daily lives. I have seen this over and over in these kind of ministries. One guy I know is always on his way to a particular ministry across town or is recovering or preparing for it. He literally misses multitudes of opportunities right in front of him. This astounds me how many miss the people that God puts in their path in the name of being official across town. This modern approach is not Love at all. I don't think this is what God had in mind for us.

Social Christianity

For a short time I was a member of a church that placed a great emphasis on politics and SOCIAL interaction. The ones that were the most successful in this church were the ones that were most successful in the world and could be the best at politicking and being the life of the party. I got a wide variety of responses whenever I discussed spiritual issues with anyone. I found that there were plenty of people that believed the Bible to be a good book but not divinely inspired or completely accurate. Others thought that we needed to be open and affirming of Homosexuals even ordaining them. When Jesus went to the Wedding in Cana of Galilee he was the life of the party. He turned water into wine. The difference here was that He was the Spiritual life of the party and he did not turn the water to wine to impress or create a topic for small talk unless it led to conversion. Jesus did not withhold his words of life, to be liked by everyone. Too many people confuse Love with following the line of least resistance or social interaction with fellowship. There is a big difference.

Jesus was finally forsaken by all and crucified. A murderer was chosen to be liberated over him. Thank God for the resurrection. We think that getting along with people is a virtue. God wants real Christians to be in unity, but he wants them to be one in him, the truth (John 14:6) and not error, compromise or lies. Love rejoices in the truth.(1 Corinthians 13) I have been a part of groups where the ultimate goal seemed to be getting along while following the line of least resistance, at the expense of the truth. Important subjects such as Christ and who he was and is were too controversial to discuss. Jesus never said give up the truth for so-called unity's sake. Real Unity is in the real Jesus, and any Jesus or gospel will NOT do. (2 Corinthians 11;Galatians 1)

Small Groups:

The emphasis in small groups in peoples homes should be personal and up close. Too often Pastors of churches are so focused on numbers that they miss the importance of quality of relationships. The bigger the congregation the bigger the offering. However, in the long run this might not even be true. The following quote aptly demonstrates my point.
Quote: "Let's say for example that a gifted evangelist is able to lead 1,000 people to Christ every day. Each year he will have reached 365,000 people, a phenomenal ministry indeed.

Lets compare him with a disciple who leads not 1,000 people a day to Christ, but only one person a year. At the end of one year, the disciple has one convert; the evangelist, 365,000. But suppose the disciple has not only led another person to Christ, but has also discipled him. He has prayed with him, taught him how to feed himself from the Word of God, gotten him into fellowship with like minded believers, and shown him how to present the Gospel to other people. At the end of that first year, this new convert is able to lead another man to Christ and follow him up as he himself has been followed up.

At the start of the second year, the disciple has doubled his ministry-the one has become two. During the second year, each man goes out and leads not 1,000 people per day to Christ, but one person per year. At the end of the second year, we have four people. You can see how slow our process is. But note too that we do not have only converts, but disciples who are able to reproduce themselves. At this rate of doubling every year, the disciple, leading one man per year to Christ, will overtake the evangelist numerically early in the 24th year. From then on the disciple and his multiplying ministry will be propagating faster than the combined ministry of dozens of gifted evangelists.

It's like the dad who offered his two sons the choice of either taking one dollar a week for 52 weeks or one cent the first week, and the amount doubled every week for 52 weeks. One son took the dollar. The other son said, 'Well, Dad, I will try the penny to see what will happen.' We all know who wins: the son who takes the one penny and has it doubled each week. The degree to which he wins is absolutely astounding. By the end of the year, the son who began with the penny will have enough money to live comfortably the rest of his life."
(DISCIPLES ARE MADE NOT BORN, Henrichsen, pg. 136,137)

"...Jesus ministered in ordinary everyday places and didn't build or even suggest the necessity to build special centers or headquarters...The setting for the development of true discipleship as we see it worked out in the New Testament is not in large numbers. The making of a disciple is a costly personal process feasible only in small groupings where the right kind of attention can be given" (Cells For Life, pg. 18,19 Trudinger)


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