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Cynthia's Corner
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My Name is Cynthia.  I am 36 years old.  I have been a Re-Dedicated Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ now for over 7 years.  I have been a Faithful Wife to my Wonderful Godly Husband BJ now for 5 years and 5 months.  We currently have no children, but do have 3 beautiful cats: Simba, Sierra, and Pepper.  We both have been Managers of a Storage Facility now for over 5 years.
First of all I would like to say, that EVERYONE has a PURPOSE in LIFE.  All MEN and WOMEN, no matter LIFE'S CIRCUMSTANCES, no matter One's RACE, RELIGION or POLITICAL PERSUASION; All are PART OF GOD'S PLAN,  All are IMPORTANT, and All HAVE A PURPOSE IN LIFE!
Now, I'm sure that there are Some Who Beg to Differ!  But it's True!  It doesn't matter whether there have been GOOD or BAD EXPERIENCES in One's Life; All EXPERIENCES are FOR A PURPOSE!  I know that sounds crazy, but EVERY EXPERIENCE IN LIFE makes Us WHO WE ARE TODAY! 
Let me go on to explain.  But before I do, I must let you know right now, there are Many Aspects of My Life that WERE not Pleasant.  But, like I said, EVERYTHING is IMPORTANT and MAKES ME WHO I AM TODAY!
Very Colorful to say the Least.  I was not considered "Smart".  The Classes that I excelled in were Art and Music. 
I tried a variety of "Sports", such as Basket Ball (of which, though I was not considered a great team player, I loved playing with my Dad and still considered it to be one of my favorite sports to participate in), Tennis (I Stunk at it!), Track and Field (I was considered pretty fast at short distances and even got a few 2nd and 3rd Metals, but I had no endurance for long distances), Soft Ball (I stunk at it and hated it!), Volley Ball (I was considered good at it and still like to play it today), and finally Swimming (no schools offered this to me, but if they had, I would probably be considered a candidate for the Olympics!)
What Classes did I like but was not considered good in?  Hummm.....  I loved Science , Biology and Math.  So, you might be wondering how a person can say they love a particular class, but yet not be good at it?  I often wondered the same thing.  Well, eventually later in life after I had already graduated, I found out that I had a Learning Disability and Poor Eye Sight.  I could remember, while still in school, that I could memorize lots of stuff, but only for a short period of time.  That's pretty much how I was able to graduate.  I remember thinking by the time I had gotten done reading a Chapter of a Book for a Particular Class (it didn't really matter what book or what class), I could not remember or understand what I had just read.  The funny thing is that in Science, when I had to give all the names of the abbreviations of all the Minerals etc., I was great at it!  I can't really even explain why!  It was like I could see it!
Then there were Classes that I was good at certain aspects and not in others, such as English and History.  In English, the only thing I was good at was "Spelling" (you might find my husband laughing at this point, for to this day I still need a Dictionary with me at all times), and then the aspects of Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adverbs, Adjectives, etc.... this I was great at, only I could not write worth a lick!  You might wonder how that can be?  Well, because I just couldn't see how to put it down on paper.  Wrting Essays had to be the WORST for me!  Any time I had to write a Report or an Essay on something I was supposed to have read, while let's just say I FLUNKED EVERYTIME!  Thank goodness there were other aspects to these classes that made me at least able to PASS!  And all of this applies to History as well!  I could memorize answers for a short period of time, but could comprehend nothing.  When I did find something that I could picture, I would get very excited!  But then, before too long it would be forgotten!  I hated that and didn't understand why I seemed to be so STUPID!  Anyways, I really liked the MAP MAKING aspect of History (obviously!).
Ok, so what's left?  Humm....  Those Classes that I not only liked but was good at!  Music, gosh this had to be my best attribute!  I was in Chorus and the Band.  In Chorus, I actually got to go to Contests!  This for me was very exciting!  And in Band, I played the Clarinet.  I hated Band, for the simple fact that I was not allowed to play the Instrument of my Dreams, the "Saxophone"!  I think the only aspect I liked about the Clarinet was the cleaning of it!  To this day, I still remember the "Smell" of the Lubricants and the "Taste" of the Reed.  And then there was the "Piano Lessons" of which were not part of the Schools I went to.  Oh how I hated these Lessons!  They were at 6:00am every morning for almost 5 years straight!  Don't get me wrong, I did like playing the Piano, but I hated the early mornings and the fact that my parents didn't ever attend a single Recital!  I was never praised for any musical accomplishments.  But All My Piano Teachers always Praised Me, even to the point that I thought I just might be the BEST PIANO PLAYER IN THE WORLD and that I COULD BE MISS AMERICA one day or maybe a GREAT ENTERTAINER!  Oh, goodness, what a CROCK!
So, what was my overall impression of my School Days?  Well, I pretty much liked it for the most part, but I was not the Most Popular.  In fact I can count the number of friends I had on One Hand.  But I can say this though, those friends were TRUE FRIENDS.  But my problems didn't lie in the fact that I was a Nerd or ugly or anything like that.  In fact, I was for the most part, pretty well liked.  This problem lay within myself and situations I was constantly being placed in.  I could never really get too close to anyone, for we might be moving soon and I would have to start all over.  This was the Most FRUSTRATING Aspect of My Life!
Who were my Favorite Teachers?  Mrs. Whom (Chorus Teacher in Junior High), Mrs. Hubbard (1st Piano Teacher), Mrs. Williams (2nd Piano Teacher and Pastor's Wife), Mr. Warnkey (Science Teacher in 5th Grade), Mr. Shuck (Typing Teacher in Junior High), Mrs. Eledge (Special Ed Teacher) and Mrs. Zepeda (Also Special Ed Teacher).
Who were my Friends? Kim Poschpeischol (my 1st friend from Alaska), Carman Burk (my bestest friend in 6th Grade all the way through 10th Grade), Buffard Barnett (my 1st guy friend--not boy friend, we went through alot together), Marvin Palmer (1st black guy friend--also not a boy friend,  in Junior High and High School), Gary Martin (my 1st Boy Friend in 6th Grade), and Brian Chatham (Another guy friend--also not a boy friend in 6th Grade through 8th Grade).  There were a few more, but they really were not considered to be my best friends.
Very Sorted!  My Brother and I were Adopted.  My Adopted Dad was by Blood, my Great Cousin on my Birth Mother's Side, in other words he was my birth mother's cousin.  I was 5 years old and my brother was 4 years old when we were Adopted.  I can still remember that Day, but I shall not go into the Details.
I was a Pretty Darn Independant Child!  I was determined not to let anyone take care of myself or my brother!  I could do it just fine, thank you very much!  From what I can recall, I pretty much kept this same Attitude throughout my younger years!
My Adopted Dad was an Army Man, who faught in Vietnam.  I sincerely loved and looked up to my Daddy!  He, in my opinion, was the smartest and hardest working man in the world!  He eventually went to work for an Oil Company as a Tool Pusher.  Then he moved up and eventually owed his own Company that would supply all that an Oil Company needed to function.  This Company was called C&S Logging, Inc.  The "C" stood for Cates, of which was my Daddy's Partner, Jesse Cates.
My Daddy would never share with me his Vietnam Experiences, but I loved to look in Photo Album at all his Army Days.